Look After Your Feet

Let us take a moment to remember our feet. They carry most of the people around and even in the time of diverse vehicles, it is hard to live without this ability. Therefore, we should take care of our feet: let them relax after tiring days and do exercise to keep the right shape. Painting holding the paintbrush with toes is not just for those who cannot use hands: it makes feet curve to avoid flat feet. Walking is less exhausting than standing still and right footwear is important, especially for people who are still growing. Many shoes that are considered elegant actually cause deformations.

Some deformations are genetic but still can be treated. Bunion is one of them.

Bunion occurs when the big toe is too close to the smaller toe next to it, which causes pain in itself and even more in later stages when smaller toes have to carry all the weight.

Protect and straighten your foot today with Bunion SleeveĀ®. You can wear the sleeve under shoes to treat mild or moderate bunions without surgeries. It feels comforable and does not impede walking as the corrector is very thin but enough to help and to prevent contact between the shoe and the bunion from making it worse. After wearing it for a long time, the big toe should gradually come to its natural position. Pressure decreases as toes are separated so you should feel better soon, before the condition is permanently cured.

There are more devices to treat bunions. The thin ones are certainly more comfortable than those with hard parts that cannot be worn under most shoes and cause pain at walking. Bunion Sleeve is not available in stores so you have to order it online. Most customers are satisfied. If your life is worsened by bunions, investment into healing pays.