On call Locksmiths

In Paris, a Serrurier Fichet Paris 18 offers his services 24 hours a day throughout the day. They offer on call services to all who subscribe to them. He moves from home to home to ensure maximum security to those who have subscribed to his services. There is the elite class that need these security services. They move ensuring that all their locks are in good working order and offer any alert in the case of any alarm. He tests the locks to ensure that they are operating in good order.

He advises his client accordingly in case he realizes a problem. His clients range from individuals in residential areas to corporates and businesses. When he is on call and a car lock has jammed, he is easily reached within the shortest time possible. This is called breakdown service in Paris.


Broken keys inside locks

When a key breaks inside the lock, the door is not able to open or close. He knows how to go about his job by either removing the key while maintaining the lock or he opens the door without using a key. He then goes ahead and makes another key for the lock or he changes both key and lock by installing a new set. The locksmith has the knowledge on how to repair old locks without necessarily replacing them each and every time.

Electric curtains

He also has the knowledge on both the installation and repairing of electric curtains. The electrical part of connection is left to the electrician. He deals with the security part of the curtains. He ensures they remain in good condition so as not to allow any unnecessary access through them. This implies that the locksmith works in conjunction with other technicians so as to ensure maximum security. He works with the carpenter and mason too.