A Huge Online Community for a Great Game: Minecraft Servers

If you’re like me, you have kids that love video games, and you occasionally join in on the fun with them. My son, who is ten-years-old, has recently been really big into the game Minecraft. At first, I didn’t understand the appeal. It’s got blocky, pixelated graphics, and on first glance didn’t look all that exciting.

But once I actually sat down and began playing with him, I changed my whole tune. This game is amazing! You mine resources and build different buildings all the while avoiding different enemies (if you’re playing in survival mode). Not to mention the fact that there is a huge online community for this game.

If you want to understand how huge the online community is, just run a quick internet search for Minecraft servers. There are literally tens of thousands of servers out there, each containing anywhere from a hundred or so to a thousand players.

Not only does Minecraft have a huge online community for computer players (or on console now), but it’s a game that I actually prefer my son play as opposed to, say, Call of Duty or some of the other, more violent, video games.

Minecraft’s violence, of course, is all incredibly cartoonish and unrealistic. Part of that has to do with the fact that the graphics, while 3d, seem somewhat primitive when compared to the graphics of other modern video games. Of course, the entire point of the game really has nothing to do with violence, anyway. The purpose is to mine as many resources as you can and build, build, build. This provides a completely objective from most video games, and one that can even be somewhat educational.

I get the hype now, and I often sit down and either play with my son, or just watch him and see what he can build.