Free Xbox Live Gold Perks

Did you know that you can get a membership to Xbox Live Gold for free? Usually, joining the online Xbox community will cost you a fee. This fee can be paid by the month or by the year, with other membership options also available. However, with free Xbox Live Gold membership codes, you eliminate those costs all together.

Where to Find Xbox Live Gold Codes

Free Xbox Live Gold codes are available in many different ways. First, they’re available at many websites that provide gaming information. Second, they’re available with the purchase of a new system or with certain games. A third option for finding codes is gaming magazines. You are free to take advantage of any and all of the methods available to find these codes, and use them as you find them.

Xbox Live Gold Membership Perks

As a member of Xbox Live Gold, you’ll enjoy playing your favorite games with other players from around the world. All that you need is an Internet connection to begin the fun. Plus, exclusive discounts and two free game downloads per month are also offered to Gold Members. And that’s just the start of the perks that come along with your Gold membership.

Why use Free Codes?

That’s a pretty obvious question. What’s better than free? Chances are good that you can find many other ways to spend the money that you were going to spend on the cost of a membership, so why pay when you can get it for free? There’s no strings attached to use of the code. Simply enter the code when prompted, and you’re done.

Xbox Live Gold free codes come in handy, whether you are trying to save money or want to enjoy a little free fun on the Live Gold platform. Find them, and use them, and enjoy Xbox Live Gold as it was meant to be enjoyed.