Omegle Chat – Is It Safe For Kids?

Omegle is a popular site that allows you to chat with strangers and if you are a parent you are not going to like your kids using this site. You want to keep your kids away from strangers and protect them from any possible harm. So, is it safe for kids to use omegle chat? If you are a parent you will not want your kids to go on this site and chat with strangers. Omegle is in working since 2008 and around 2009 they also added video chat option. The people that are using this site are happy with it as this site doesn’t reveal their true identification. Unless the person who is chatting is willing to reveal their true name, the site mentions them as a stranger or an anonymous.

The strangers who are chatting on this site can be anyone. They will never reveal their true name, location or profession. Even if they will tell these things, how to make sure that they are telling the truth? Kids are innocent and they might believe if the stranger chatting with them told some glorified version about him or her. You kid might tell everything about him or her without thinking about the true motive of stranger talking to them. This might land them in some trouble. Hence your worries are not baseless.

The site Omegle has put it on their site that kids below the age of 13 years should not access their site. Even teenagers in the age group of 13 to 18 are allowed to use this site after their parents or guardians permission. On this site there are two chat versions available – the Monitored and the unmonitored one. When your kid chats with some stranger his IP address is made available to the person who is chatting with your kid.